CI International has a compelling history. This history includes many chapters along the way and we can look at each and point to significant milestones of growth, new talent, transitions, expansion of services, new divisions, contract awards, and lessons learned. As we reflect on these milestones, and the leaders that shepherded our prosperity, there have been threads of commonality across every chapter that exists in the company today. Some threads have propelled the company to thrive and maintain a leading position in industry for decades.

These threads, this fabric, define us, and they include:

Values – We constantly challenge ourselves to think about the difference between having values listed on a web page or on wall and living our values in the way we serve our clients, treat our employees, and operate our business. The difference is profound, and it didn’t take us long to discover that in the course of doing business we have ample opportunity to either reinforce our commitment to our values or to gradually diminish the influence values have on our business and culture. These values include Service, Integrity, Respect, and Inclusion.

Service – Every employee and associate that chooses to work with CI International is driven by a desire to serve and to serve at a high level. We want to make a difference, and serving people, teams, and organizations with exceptional solutions is the way we do it. This desire to serve also applies to our leadership culture, and it challenges us to operate our company in a way that serves our employees and one another.

Kindness – We don’t believe that effective leadership and kindness are mutually exclusive and that kindness can take many forms. We believe that being clear is kind and that it has reinforced a feedback culture, which is one of the keys for a healthy work environment.

Allowing Employees to Pursue Their Passion – Employees at their best can give each other and clients their best, so we have always worked to create opportunities for employees that align with their passion.

Appreciation for Differences – From the beginning of CI International, our founders recognized that they could offer clients better solutions and that we could operate our business more effectively with diverse perspectives. To that end, we have always valued the differences that our employees, associates, and partners bring to the table, and we know we are a better company for it.

Fun – While there is universal recognition that our job is to deliver results, provide value to our clients, and create a work environment where employees feel valued, it’s important to us that we have fun along the way.

The owners of CI International, including Jon Hassinger, Robb Heaton, John McCann, Todd Reisler, and Cindy Wilberding, remain committed to these operating principles first established by our founder Ruth Craig, when she set out to create a company defined by these values. They have served the firm well and are at the foundation of our tremendous success and growth. From day one, we have committed not just to growing as a company but growing well. Growing well ensures we can continue to deliver the high standard of service our clients have come to expect, and maintain a work environment where employees are valued and engaged. We are grateful for the way our history has shaped us.