As a public health professional, you face a number of challenges from maintaining program effectiveness to coordinating with multiple partner agencies. The Center for Public Health Innovation at CI International exists to help you as partners in the public health program development process. Together we can make public health better with collaboration and ingenuity.

The CPHI Difference

When your stakeholders depend on you, you need a partner who you can depend on. Here are just some of the things we do that make us different.

icon of a friendly expert giving a presentation Being partners in your public health program development process is our sole job.

Providing Friendly Experts

Should public health be fun? We think so because like any human endeavor, it just works better when it begins from friendly relationships. We aren’t just committed to helping your team but also to building amity and trust for the long haul.

Icon of people with a circle formed by arrows, showing them exchanging perspectives

Providing the Right Perspectives

Our team is comprised of individuals with a wide array of expertise and experience in public health and research settings. That helps us understand your needs and address them in new ways you may not have considered.

Icon showing a data chart

Providing Essential Data Services

Data is the foundation of every successful public health program development process, but gathering, handling, and drawing conclusions from it, which can happen often on multiple systems, can be a difficult challenge. We bring the data systems expertise that helps you refine and reach your goals.

Icon of a class viewing a training presentation

Providing Leadership and Skill Development

Every leader and organization can improve with the right guide. We partner with you to map out capable programs and teams, and lead them well.

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Providing the Tools for Collaboration

When your team is able to partner with other agencies, you build programs with far greater impact. We help agencies learn to identify these opportunities and build strong alliances and strong public support.


Public Health Data Services

  • Database design and development
  • Database management
  • Data visualization
  • Quantitative and qualitative data
  • Interpretation and dissemination
  • Development of data collection tools
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Consultations on data standards and interoperability
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Program Building and Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Outcome assessment
  • Formative program evaluation
  • Grant writing
  • Budget development and management
  • Toolkit Development
  • Facilitation and meeting planning
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Interpersonal Skill Training
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Your Success Process

Begin creating the best possible public health programs with this simple plan:

  • Connector.


    Get in touch with us to schedule a phone call. We’ll discuss your goals and challenges, and what we can achieve together.

  • Connector.


    Together, we’ll develop assess where you are and develop an initial roadmap to help you reach the goals we discussed. Then we’ll work on it together, and make adjustments in our course as needed.

  • Connector.


    With better leadership, better data use and better collaboration, your impact will increase. We’ll continue to collaborate with and advise you as needed to make sure that impact is sustained.

Ready for a Supportive Partnership?

We want to help you improve the life of your community, and that begins with a friendly conversation. To begin talking about better public health, fill out a brief contact form, or call 800-559-9785 today.