Our clients look to us to dig deeper, to take the time to listen fully, find out what issues they face and tailor our services to their needs. That message recently rang true when CI created a comprehensive leadership program for senior leaders in a federal agency.

The program included leadership workshops, executive coaching, mentoring and more. The agency used a rigorous selection process to select the best candidates for the program. Unfortunately, some candidates with high potential were not selected. To boost their chances for selection in the future, we identified the attitudes, skills and knowledge that seemed to be preventing them from being selected. With this insight, we created a customized series of workshops. Through interviews with them, we determined which workshops would best address their needs.

Interested, non-selected individuals received targeted training—typically three workshops—and many of them went on to achieve selection to the more rigorous program. Our approach also ensured that agency funds were spent wisely with individuals only attending a workshop after it was determined to be a good fit to address their needs.

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