Senior Consultant

Ms. Shannon has provided human capital management, change management/communication, and organizational development services to private sector, non-profit, and government clients for over 20 years. This includes designing, launching, and assessing organizational-level programs to drive employee performance, engagement, and development. She excels at distilling complex information into clear and compelling stories, asking key questions and using meaningful data to tailor services that address client environments and challenges, and developing solutions and tools that increase ease, efficiency, and impact.

A Family Foundation

A native of the Chicago area and a graduate of Brown University, Ms. Shannon notes that a years-ago family crisis crystallized for her the key components of a good team, and that those mirror what she experiences at CI in service to clients. “I saw my family come together in a time of extreme stress, assuming positive intent, recognizing and leveraging different roles and capabilities, focusing on contributing, whether locally or from across the country, prioritizing communication, and extending grace to each other when needed. We made it to the other side a stronger and more cohesive group, and one that I am extremely grateful for.”