Principal Consultant

Ms. Jackson helps our clients create an environment that encourages every employee to continually expand their leadership potential. With over 20 years of administration, organizing, and management experience, and a background in team-building, recruiting, and interpersonal development, she’s an expert in helping leaders reach their organizational goals.

Ms. Jackson earned her Business Administration degree at Colorado Christian University and Master of Professional Studies in Leadership Development/Human Capital Management at the University of Denver. She says she loves "getting people to ‘a-ha!’ moments," and lists "thinking on my feet, dance in the moment flexibility, and being relational and authentic" as some of her most important career skills.

Worship and Wisdom

While her education and job experience serve her and our clients well, Ms. Jackson notes her work in ministry has been crucial to developing her training and leadership approach. "Working with volunteers as a worship leader showed me how people are an asset, and want to be valued and know they belong," she says. "At the core, people want to feel connected both personally and professionally, and they want to know what they do matters."