A Littleton, Colorado native, Dr. Sontag was chosen to lead CPHI because of her proven record of success in public health and higher education. She has a Masters in biostatistics and a PhD in epidemiology from the University of Colorado. She brings knowledge and experience in epidemiology, data analysis, program development, facilitation, and program evaluation, just to name a few of her skills.

Among her passions are improving public health systems, and she is currently focused on newborn screening, genetic services, and health information technology. She has spent much of her career studying the epidemiology of cystic fibrosis, the airway microbiome, and other pediatric genetic disorders.

Following a Bear and Leading the World

When asked what books every person can learn from, Dr. Sontag points to a surprising tome: Winnie The Pooh: "He teaches us to be patient, think of others' needs, and to live in the moment. In today's world of divisiveness and anger, a little walk through the Hundred Acre Woods could help us all."

She says she would love to lead the World Health Organization. "The WHO works to improve health around the globe by using data to identify needs and opportunities," she says, "and then provides recommendations and helps countries implement the recommendations. On a smaller stage, that is our vision for CPHI."