Senior Analyst

Ms. West is originally from Virginia, graduating from St. Anne's Belfield School in Charlottesville and earning a Biology degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She then joined the Virginia State Public Health Laboratory as an Informatics Scientist, serving as the manager of the Laboratory Information Management System and data analyst for the Newborn Screening Program. This particular job experience motivated her to seek out additional training and challenges in data analytics. It also made her an excellent fit at CPHI, where newborn screening has been one of our greatest success stories.

“These two roles required differing skill sets,” she says, “but ultimately complimented each other in a way that helped me understand the challenges faced by public health organizations at every step in the data lifecycle. This experience motivated me to pursue my master's degree in analytics, and develop a toolkit of skills that allow me to meet public health data challenges with effective solutions.”

Working With Her Hands Exercises Scientific Muscles

In her off time, West enjoys projects that allow her to work with her hands, and finds that it benefits her work. “Craftwork involves so much more than can be summed up in the word ‘creativity’”, she says. “It takes focus, perseverance, innovation, resourcefulness, and problem-solving—just like working with data. In fact, I've found that exercising those muscles during the analytics process has benefited my creative process, and the opposite is true as well.”