Research Partner

Ms. McKasson hails from Indianapolis and earned a degree in Anthropology and Statistics from Miami University in Ohio before moving on to Tulane to earn her Master of Public Health in Epidemiology in 2012. Sarah served as a Research and Evaluation Analyst at the National Network of Public Health Institutes, working on multiple CDC funded-programs, including the National Public Health Improvement Initiative. Since 2015, Ms. McKasson has worked in newborn screening and genetic services where she supports quality improvement practices and facilitates problem-solving with cross-functional teams to generate strategic solutions to challenges.

Sarah places priority on the practical application of data and applies her skills for using data-driven processes to enhance the accountability and effectiveness of programs. Her favorite aspect is translating findings into actionable recommendations for clients and other key stakeholders through various data visualization techniques, such as Tableau infographics. In her own words, she finds that “evidence is not the strategy, but is the input into organizational learning and development. Therefore, as an evaluator, my role is to bridge evidence and science with real-life strategies to support clients or the community to make informed decisions.”

Embracing the Team Approach

Sarah says the best part of her work with CPHI is “Working with a team that inspires innovation, encourages professional and personal growth, and genuinely cares about helping others.” She believes strongly in the need for teams, and says an important piece of advice she took to heart was “You can’t be perfect at everything. To make change, it’s important to surround yourself with others that have different strengths than you.” She notes that reading about the efforts of Dr. Paul Farmer and his Partners in Health organization in Mountains Beyond Mountains inspired her to pursue a career in public health.