Senior Consultant

Ms. Quesada is a Colorado native who graduated from high school in Evergreen and earned her BA at UC Boulder and Masters at UC Denver. She is an expert facilitator, and is skilled in project management, data analysis and visualization, and program evaluation. Prior to CI, she worked as a program manager of the statewide Emergency Medical Services for Children program, and as an evaluation team lead. In these positions, she handled truly complex tasks such as facilitating large strategic planning meetings and building consensus among diverse stakeholders from across the state, ensuring the programs teams were building and evaluating would provide utility for their communities.

A Curious Listener

Ms. Quesada has a strong love of the outdoors and takes full advantage of Colorado’s natural beauty. She describes herself as “forever curious,” and gives credit for that to advice she received from her father. “He told me to always stay curious and reminded me that there's always more to learn - even about something or someone we think we know everything about.”

She offers some advice of her own to those in leadership: “Take the time to listen and listen well. In all of my positions in public health, I've learned that the importance of listening to your stakeholders/clients/communities can never be overstated. If you don't truly know what your client wants and needs, you're going to end up giving them what you think they want.”