Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Kellar-Guenther holds advanced degrees in Communication Theory (Illinois State University) and Interpersonal Communication (Arizona State University). She has used the resulting skills to teach and consult in the public health arena with the University of Colorado for almost two decades. She is an expert at helping public health stakeholders identify and clarify their goals, continually improve their programs, identify important measures, and make use of proven collaboration processes and skills.

Teaching teaches the teacher

Dr. Kellar-Guenther identifies her experience as an Associate Professor at CU as crucial preparation for her position at CPHI: "I have learned a lot teaching program evaluation and research methods to students and doing research with community agencies. It’s given me experience adjusting the message/reporting of findings/program evaluation to the audience and helped me understand the importance of getting input from multiple perspectives. I’ve also learned the importance of considering how to deliver information in an engaging way, so the learner is part of the education process, rather than a passive observer," she says.