Travel the road to…results.

Not just advice, but partnership. We help you discover real-world solutions to overcome difficult challenges, thrive through change, and discover new ways to achieve greater success.

Let us meet you where you are. We know the terrain and can guide you on the path.

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Travel the road to…knowledge.

You and your team have the power to create change, to create your own conditions for success. However, it can be a challenge to navigate to a new way of thinking or push past the barriers that stand in the way.

With the right tools, support, expert guidance, you’ll have the vision and power to overcome the obstacles in your way.

Where do you want to go? Let us give you the tools to get there.

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Travel the road to…empowerment.

Sometimes the road to greatness is best traveled in pairs. Our coaches work to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ values, strengths, obstacles, and opportunities. With insightful advice and a proven coaching model, we help good leaders become great leaders.

Want to lead more authentically and help your team work more efficiently? We can help you reach greatness.

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Travel the road to…impact.

Public health personnel do crucial work to better and guard their communities, but even these experts sometimes need help finding ways to improve. Our Center for Public Health Innovation helps public health professionals evaluate their processes and results, build their skillsets, develop innovative solutions, and make better data-driven decisions.

Ready to make public health better? Let’s meet the challenges together.

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Every journey begins with a first step…

Greatness exists in all of us: every individual, organization, and community. But sometimes to reach that full potential, you need a partner to help guide the way. CI was born to be that partner. For decades, our commitment has been to provide solutions, which serve the best interests of our clients and lead them to the outcomes they desire.

What makes us the right partner to walk this path with you?

A hand assembling a puzzle

High-impact, customized solutions

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to today’s complex challenges. That’s why CI takes the time to thoroughly assess your unique challenges and tailor our services to address your specific needs. That leads to more effective guidance, and helps you reach your goals.

Icon of a person in a circle

Commitment to service

Service means hard work and meaningful focus on what’s right for the client. Our clients look to us to dig deeper, listen more fully, and exceed expectations. With every step, no matter how straightforward or challenging, we act in your best interests.

A heart

Passion and proven expertise

CI is distinguished by our people. We only provide senior-level trainers, coaches, and consultants, who are experts in their fields. They’re chosen not just for skill and experience, but based on their commitment to service and passion to help you succeed. All of them stay current with the best, relevant, organizational practices, development research, and academia.

Shield with a checkmark

Values that run deep

We believe the best service is born from deeply held values—Service, Integrity, Respect, and Inclusion—and the best partnerships are built on trust, candor, and sound advice. We take pride in our results, and we consider it a privilege to be your trusted partner in building lasting change.

Mapping Out Your Journey

You know where you want to go. You may even know how to get there. But how will you overcome the obstacles slowing your climb? Together we can build the right skills, strengths, and strategy into your organization. It just takes three simple steps:

  • Connector.

    Describe the Destination

    Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation by phone or in-person. It’s an optimal opportunity for us to hear your requirements, goals and challenges, and determine how our services can address those needs.

  • Connector.

    Approve a Plan

    We’ll come back to you with options. Together we’ll agree on a plan that puts the right solution in place to help you reach your goals for growth and impact.

  • Connector.

    Climb to Greatness

    With CI as your guide, you’ll make transformative changes in your organization, leading to verifiable, lasting results and greater ability to achieve your goals.

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Our Clients

At CI, we’re proud of the diverse array of partners we’ve served over nearly three decades, helping them achieve greater effectiveness. We’ve been privileged to serve individuals and teams in the corporate, non-profit, and academic arenas, as well as in state, federal, and municipal governments.

Our clients include:

Government Services Administration logoU.S. Department of Agriculture logoHyatt Hotels logoWorld Bank logoDepartment of Defense logoDepartment of Homeland Security logoColorado State University logo


Director Nonprofit conservation research center

“When it was time for our first ever strategic plan, we turned to CI International. Their process was inclusive, extremely well planned, and very successful. I felt personally supported and challenged by our advisor. He tailored his approach to our style and needs and got to know our operation inside and out. It was an incredibly rewarding and effective experience that will benefit us for years to come.”

HR Manager U.S. Financial Firm

“CI International is one of the best consulting companies I had the opportunity to work with on a highly visible and impactful HR project. Their consultants are professionals with extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and a sense of humor. I am impressed by their caliber of knowledge, hard work and flexibility. I can truly say that the work would not have been completed on time if we had employed another company. Several of our leaders commented on their outstanding work, collaboration, and passion for our organization. We have since then partnered with them regularly on complex and challenging projects because we know they can get the job done right. CI International has our organization’s best intentions in mind and we consider them a trusted advisor.”

Our Story

CI International has a compelling history. This history includes many chapters along the way, and we can look at each and point to significant milestones of growth, new talent, transitions, expansion of services, new divisions, contract awards, and lessons learned. As we reflect on these milestones and the leaders that shepherded our prosperity, there have been threads of commonality across every chapter that exists in the company today. Threads that have propelled the company to thrive and maintain a leading position in industry for decades...


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