Executive Team

Cindy Wilberding

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

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Todd Reisler

Partner and Chief Financial Officer

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Jeff Way

Regional Vice President and Acting Director of Consulting

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Shelly Heath-Watson

Director, Coaching Programs & Services

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Melissa Wallace

Executive Coaching Program Coordinator

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Client Solutions

Fred Richardson

Principal – Strategic Accounts

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CI Operations

Our Client Service Partners

In addition to the team members profiled here, we work with dozens of independent experts, who give CI International and our clients crucial support and advice. These valuable partners make it possible for us to deliver top quality consulting, coaching, and training. With us, they are transforming organizations, which then transform the world, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have their assistance on this journey.

Ready for an Insightful Partnership?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve seen what kind of people we are and how much passion we have for helping our clients. We want to travel the road to greatness with you, as your guide. If you would like to learn more about how CI International can help you journey to a better place for your company or agency, fill out a brief contact form, or call 800-559-9785 to start a conversation today.