Imagine having a safe space where you meet with peers to have honest, dynamic, and impactful conversations about the opportunities and challenges you face as a leader.

A place where you can discuss experiences, decisions, and viewpoints with a knowledgeable and supportive group of thought partners.

A place where your peers become your coaches and these coaches push you to be your best.

If this sounds like a place you want to be, contribute to and benefit from – then CI’s Coaching Circles are for you.

What is a Coaching Circle?

Coaching Circles are focused, peer-to-peer conversations that enable you to engage in candid discussions about your views, questions, past experiences, personal and professional impact, and the future you want to create for yourself and your organization. Coaching Circles provide a forum where you and other leaders at your level can hold confidential conversations strategizing, processing, and brainstorming about issues and topics of interest and importance to you such as leading through complexity, transforming organizational culture, and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility policies and practices.

Coaching Circles provide unique leadership and executive development opportunities to learn, collaborate, and deepen your network with leaders from within your agency or across the government.

CI’s Circles are a starting place for dialogue to enhance self-awareness and expand perspectives.

Supporting materials such as video clips and articles will supplement the discussions. In partnership with an executive coach, you will further your thinking and reflecting by designing sustainable actions that align with your learning intentions for the program.

 What a Coaching Circle is NOT

Coaching Circles are NOT training workshops. Trainings are designed with pre-determined agendas, objectives, and outcomes for the participants.  Information is transferred from the trainer to those in attendance.  Members of the Coaching Circles determine the outcome, and it’s your collective engagement that drives the experience.

 5 Things You Can Expect From A Coaching Circle:

  1. A space for organic development, safe and respectful dialogue, and community-building, facilitated by a trained group coach.
  2. A Circle comprised of no more than 8 members at similar leadership levels (or an intact team).
  3. A forum to discuss and reflect on how you currently lead and what you stand for as a leader.
  4. A place to coach and be coached, to encourage and be encouraged.
  5. A coach committed to partnering with you as you navigate workplace challenges and opportunities.

Benefits of participating in a Coaching Circle

Participating in a Coaching Circle will allow you to pause and take the time to gain deeper knowledge of self, enhanced clarity about how to lead going forward, a feeling of being heard and understood, and the ability to support other leaders. Other positive outcomes include:

  • An expanded community of trusted colleagues
  • Diversity of perspectives
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increased confidence
  • Stress management
  • Stronger more resilient teams

How to get involved in a Coaching Circle

A Coaching Circle is a powerful way to catalyze personal growth and organizational transformation while building strong relationships and a network of support.

Being a leader is hard work; continuing your development is too. If you are ready to elevate your leadership, contribute to rich, safe, and confidential discussions for the purpose of moving you, your teams, and organization forward, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch with us here to speak with one of our leadership development experts to find out if joining one of our Coaching Circles is the right next step for you.

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