Consulting Services to Help Organizations Transform
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Consultative Coaching and Facilitation
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Engagement and Organizational Health

Partnership. A service ethos. Real-world solutions. Results. These are the things you need from consulting services, and they require experience and a particular approach.

We’re glad to say we can offer the advice you need. We know this because we’ve helped many organizations grow and thrive through the hardest of times or the roughest terrain.

The CI Difference

There is no shortage of consulting firms offering to advise you, as you adapt to a changing world. Why are we so confident CI International is the best choice for you?

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A Desire to Meet You Where You Are

For a successful consulting relationship to form, it’s essential that we meet you where your needs are greatest. Learning about your organization, its culture, and the challenges it faces will allow us to customize our consulting service to your needs. Once we know where you are on the map, we’ll know how to navigate from trouble to success and climb to greater heights together.

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The Experience to Know the Way

Our experience goes back for decades, and it includes depth and breadth, as well as time. We’ve helped organizations of many sizes in a wide range of disciplines, industries, and levels of government. Plus, our staff has expertise and personal experience that helps us build just the right team for your situation.

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A Multi-Discipline Approach

When an organization is challenged, it rarely happens along a single front or can be addressed with a single area of expertise. With a deep bench and a holistic approach, we’ll seek to help you go beyond immediate problems and build a more resilient and efficient organization.

Service Areas

Business and Strategic Planning

What steps do you need to take to develop, implement, execute, and measure progress in reaching your organization’s vision? Our customized Business and Strategic Planning consulting services will bring clarity and show you the steps to take.

This is no “one-size-fits-all” strategic planning model. CI’s process is custom-crafted for your organization, flexible and responsive to your culture and capacity. We begin by assessing your strategic needs and desired outcomes to include those that might be driven by both internal and external requirements. Then we get down in the trenches with you, digging deeper to understand the inner workings of your organization. We collaborate with you to design an approach, resulting in a plan that will have the greatest impact on your organization from the present into the future.

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Change Management and Communication

When you and the people you lead are facing a period of significant growth or large-scale change, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is on the same page and is taking the correct actions. CI’s Change Management and Communication Consulting services will help you develop engagement strategies and tactics that fit your culture and challenges, while thoughtfully managing and overcoming risks.

As we move forward together, you and your leaders will gain the confidence that your messages are not only heard, but that the changes and results you pursue are realized.

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Consultative Coaching and Facilitation

Bringing out the best in leaders and in the groups they lead is a CI specialty. With time-tested coaching and facilitation approaches, we bring out the inherent skills, talents, and capabilities of leaders, while providing new perspectives, change theories, and organizational observations. Your CI team will not only bring a fresh outside perspective, but also serve as coaches, mentors, consultants, and partners. We’ll discuss issues, examine options, challenge decisions, make recommendations, offer ideas, role-play, explore possible outcomes, and plan responses. All of it will be done with the goal of helping you make results happen.

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Human Capital Strategy

It doesn’t matter what your mission is because you’ll only succeed with an engaged and skilled workforce. We assist leaders in maintaining such a workforce by helping them identify human capital strengths and gaps, and to develop and implement strategies to harness the strengths to close the gaps. Everything from human resource allocation and performance management to succession planning can be incorporated into a custom approach for your unique organization.

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Engagement and Organizational Health

Every good manager knows engagement is key to creating a better workplace experience and achieving greater organizational success. Great managers make engagement and organizational alignment a top strategic priority. An effective engagement effort also needs to be customized for the culture of the specific organization. We’ll help you obtain a clearer picture of the health of your organization, understand what drives employee engagement, and develop a plan of action to address areas of concern.

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Who We Help

  • State & Federal Agencies
  • Universities
  • Military
  • Corporations
  • Public Health Organizations

Ready for a Supportive Partnership?

Consulting is about truly understanding where you are and where you want to go. If you would like to learn more about how CI International can help you journey to a better place for your company or agency, fill out a brief contact form, or call 800-559-9785 to start a conversation today.

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