Below you’ll find examples of the effect we’ve had on just a few of our client organizations.

Any company can tell you how much they will change your business, but you need to know they can offer real, effective change, not just the right selection of buzzwords. How can you be sure consultants and trainers will take you on a climb to the next level instead of on a costly detour?

Launching a New Team Well

Most new teams have weeks or even months to get up to speed. A client recently came to CI to launch a new team of 80 people tasked to support a high profile agency mission. They needed a common understanding of their new mission, a clear sense of roles and responsibilities, and a well-defined set of goals for the upcoming year....

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Saving Lives with Better Screening

The Center for Public Health Innovation (CPHI) at CI International has had a strong impact in the field of public health newborn screening. Identifying affected babies accurately and in a timely manner can save lives....

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Helping a Leader Gain Greater Respect

Having the respect of your team is essential to any leader’s success. When you have it, your team and your organization thrive. When you don’t, productivity and morale suffer....

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Customizing Our Approach to Serve Client Needs

Our clients look to us to dig deeper, to take the time to listen fully, find out what issues they face and tailor our services to their needs. That message recently rang true when CI created a comprehensive leadership program for senior leaders in a federal agency....

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