Senior Partner

Mr. Hassinger describes himself as "results driven," and it’s hard to argue with the results of his tenure here. He has led CI International for over 20 years, overseeing steady growth and developing new business solutions for CI and our clients. Early in his career, he studied Earth Science at the University of New Hampshire and used his knowledge in the field as a senior scientist during over two years of research in Antarctica. Later, he served as an operations manager at Exxon-Mobil and Manager of Strategic Planning and Quality Improvement at Woodward Clyde.

Leadership Lessons

When asked what leader he would like people to learn from, Hassinger points to former GE CEO Jack Welch, and says students can learn from "what made him a great leader and now, in retrospect, what didn't." He also says he would rather lead CI than any other organization, in part because he enjoys "working with great clients, colleagues, and partners."