Deputy Director of Training

Ms. Barba is an experienced consultant, trainer and facilitator and executive coach. She has expertise in leadership development, workshop and webinar training, meeting facilitation, teambuilding, and course design and development. She especially enjoys designing and leading long-term, comprehensive leadership development programs for our clients. These programs can last up to a year and provide crucial training for mid-level to senior leaders throughout a client organization.

“As a consultant, trainer, facilitator, I am passionate about personal and professional development,” Barba says. “Anyone can be a leader no matter where they are in the organization. The best part of my job is to provide these leaders with the practical tools, concepts, ideas, models and perspectives they can use to be successful. I love to see individuals empowered with confidence in their innate power along with the tools to lead and influence their organizations.”

Ms. Barba is certified in a wide array of assessment tools (such as MBTI, EQi 2.0, CCL 360s and others) to help in guiding leadership development. She’s not only a subject matter expert, but is skilled in “training the trainers” with experience from over two decades of management, training and consulting to guide her.

Wisdom of the Self

Ms. Barba says a piece of advice which stuck with her was “It’s your life, so live it!”

“It is important to remind myself that I am the one that is responsible for making myself happy and to live life to the fullest,” she says. “Don’t wait for things to happen or life may pass you by. Instead, focus on doing the things that bring you joy and to make the most of your life.”