Senior Consultant

Ms. Budek is a native of Ontario, and graduated from Thornlea Secondary School in Thornhill before moving on to the University of Guelph, where she earned a degree in Economics with a minor in Marketing Management. After completing a Masters degree at Western Illinois University, she joined the staff of SUNY Buffalo, where she served in leadership positions for 12 years. This was followed by 3 years at Centennial College in Toronto, where she oversaw Co-Curricular Learning and Development: orientation and transition programs, peer mentorship, student engagement programming, leadership development, volunteer services, off-campus housing, and overall student well-being.

Ms. Budek has created an award-winning diversity education program, and says her time as an associate director of a diversity office taught her the importance of asking appropriate questions.

Communication for a Better World

Every consultant needs to be an effective and compelling communicator, but Ms. Budek stands out even among consultants as one who is making a better world with her words. She gave a TEDx talk on “What I Wish People Knew After My Husband Died,” and says “I will talk to anyone about death and dying and tend to become the person people reach out to when they have a friend who has experienced loss and they don't know what to do for them.” She also hosts health, wellness and fitness accountability groups for women so they can become the healthiest versions of themselves.