Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Reisler is a graduate of Wheaton College and has been with CI International for over 13 years, using his financial and organizational expertise to help maintain a strong foundation for our staff and clients. He counts being a strong staff advocate and team player as his most important skills.

Lessons From the Court

Mr. Reisler has been "playing, coaching, or watching" basketball for most of his life, and has brought important lessons with him to the business world. "Teamwork is essential," he says. "Working together fuels both accomplishment and comradery, and the combination of those two is fulfilling."

He adds, "Small things make a big difference. Giving attention to detail influences outcomes and can often make the difference when something important is at stake. Perseverance is required. Within each game are twists and surprises. And these turns can occur positively and negatively. Navigating through takes a ‘stick-to-it’ attitude."