Associate Consultant

Mr. Carlin is a graduate of the University of Virginia and grew up in Leesburg. He is an expert in business development, strategic consulting,and communications, specifically copywriting and editing.

He comes to CI from a position at Oracle, where he provides strategy consultation to emerging business owners in a variety of industries. This experience helped him build the skills to truly understand systems, business plans, and niche market challenges while engaging effectively with leaders to make the changes necessary for organizational progress.

Dynamism Through Balance

In his free time, Mr. Carlin practices yoga, surfs, skates, and plays ice hockey. Why? “I purposefully seek out hobbies and interests which challenge my ability to balance,” he says. “l try to find physical and spiritual harmony in the effort and instability. I've learned a lot about myself through my failures; but I'm learning even more about how to adjust and be dynamic for the future.”